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Monday, May 31, 2010

AutoLife TV's Official Blog

Constant progress is the only thing on my mind. Although the AutoLife TV blog has been ready for weeks I decided to take it upon myself an do the honors of making the first post. For those wondering, this project was born from the consistent bad representation of automotive/ performance car enthusiasts, especially import car enthusiasts. I personally love everything car and almost everything motorized. If it creates an explosion with air fuel and spark, I'll probably be the person that sees an opportunity to make it louder, faster and cooler! With that being said I think a lot of us feel that way, we are enthusiasts! Maybe because of my generation my weapon of choice has always been from the Honda camp, I've been playing with them since the 90's. AutoLife TV came about after I took it upon myself to attempt to provide a positive and entertaining outlet for enthusiasts. I combined my love of this industry and my education in the arts and television/ video production and went at it, no longer accepting the lame programs that have been "given" to us. Like they always say if you want something done right you have to do it yourself and that is exactly what we are trying to do.

I'm sure I have already said to much and I'll try to keep it short, as I only have a few more things to get out there.

1. AutoLife TV is currently funded by ME, MYSELF, and I (and Gaby E. of course!!). If you see us at events KNOW we are not being paid to be there, YET! HAHA!

2. Yes, we would LOVE a sponsor or two or three...

3. AutoLife TV airs on numerous access channels across the States. If you want to see it in your city feel free to contact us.

4. I'm always interested in viewers opinions, questions, ideas and concerns, don't be afraid to contact us.

5. With this blog we will keep folks up to date with what we have going on, where we will be and random stuff that sparks interest to my crew and I.