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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Falken Azenis are on.

Finally stopped messing around and had the Azenis that Falken helped ALTV with mounted on the wheels. Now we're just waiting for the lugs that were ordered from Upgrade Motoring in Northridge, CA. They should be here any day now. I wish I could have recorded the phone conversation with Glen while they were hooking me up, great service, and they have the stuff that these "new booty" shops don't know about, plus he's freak'n hilarious. We were keeping it real about some "industry" stuff during the phone call.. Shout-out to Falken Tire and Upgrade Motoring!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weekend Wrenching

I'd love to do more videos, but we gotta pay the bills some how! And to be real, those videos people seem to like to much, and wish they had for their build... don't pay the bills. That means things happen and most of the time if not all the time you end up having to fix it yourself. These days doing it yourself means people have leave the wife at home, roll up their sleeves, and turn some wrenches. The dread of what you might find after a serious engine failure is something we can all relate to. Typically we dream of it happening in the process of blowing somebodies doors off, sadly this was due to some heavy commuting in a 14 year old Honda, and a couple ill paying jobs causing the inability to keep up on regular maintenance. Whatever the case, this caused a bonding moment with a buddy that I seem to never write about here on AutoLife TV. His name is Joe "Backyard" Schneider, he owns a car that you either love or hate. It actually kinda flips all the "don't do it man" type of mods on their head and pushes your limits on what is "excepted" in the scene. A lot of people know of the car, yet it is completely ignored by certain "famed" characters in the industry. To the point were you literally see a picture of every car BUT his car. Pretty crazy… The truth is Joe, LIVES for wrenching on Hondas. This was our weekend fixing my queen's CRV.

The massive garage were his toys rest.

Our CRV that we have been absolutely driving the CRAP out of. I think I've posted pics of it off-roading and hopping over rocks on trails getting us to camp spots. Its got over 200K on it, and would never let us down. Guess you can only ask for so much… She got a little too hot, poor girl.

Joe moves so fast I can hardly capture him in focus.

Realized we forgot to change the oil pump on the new motor…UGH!

 Turns out, the old timing belt cover was junk, so we had to "adjust" the JDM one. I'm a surgeon with a saw or a dremel!

"Dude, all this space, why are we backed into this corner?"

Put in an OEM timing belt after seeing the old one. Those OEM Honda parts labels looked like candy spilled on the floor.

The Vaping Griffin had his merchandise all over the place. Please go find him on Facebook:

Tag teaming it!

Break time… swooped a shot of this before I went home for a few minutes.

Had a package from the homie MC Slick, of Honda Day and waiting for me when I got home, YEEEEEE!!!! :gig'n like Mac Dre: His "Yo Mad JDM" t-shirt for the lil mama.

"Street Racer" snap back for me. I called this one his Westcoast color way. I'm gonna feel like I'm in a N.W.A video while I'm rolling the wagon around town.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A day in the life...

This is what happened today.

In the shop checking out some new products. It's cold in the shop so I had my SpeedFactory hoodie on and my new "Street Racer" cap from Slickthreadz. Typing this I realized I don't have many "normal" clothes (stuff that is not car related). Did the daily tasks, couple buddy's came in, if I was actually planning to make a blog post tonight I would have got pics of them too… Whatever the case, this popped up in the parking lot with a CLEAN Evo, sorry the "photog" was overwhelmed by the task.

Jimmy Gomez of NVuS dropped by after making his rounds down in SoCal. Pretty awesome how many miles he puts on this car, with the boost.

He's been changing up the look of the car the last few months. Pics are doing it any justice...

The lil homie got a good shot of the bay with the updates.

On the way home, I dropped some of these in the mail for my brother Jeren of "Wrench Mob". It's been fun watching him get this brand off the ground. I don't think I've been this excited about something like this in a while. The shirts are about to HOOAAAARRRDDD!

Monday, March 10, 2014

It's Official: WRENCH MOB

Things may have been a bit slow around AutoLife TV lately, but that is because we've been working on a few things of our own, and also participating in conversations with people that are working on things that are cool or new for the community. When Jeren Walker told me he had an idea, "it's called WRENCH MOB" I told him "dude, don't say anything else, that's SICK!" Then when he told me some of the ideas he had, I just covered my face and said, "dduuuuuuddddeeeee, they're not even READY!"

Let AutoLife TV tell you a bit about Jeren Walker. He's been working for DSport magazine for over a decade. Traveling, guiding, hosting, and actively assisting in building DSport Magazine into what it is today. He's also built numerous vehicles that have been featured in the magazine and raced. Mr. Walker and Brandon of AutoLife TV actually knew each other before any of that even happened… We won't go into the "youth activities" we took part in between skateboarding or biking and being young car enthusiasts, but we have some good memories from those years. His life is truly one that revolves around the automotive industry/community.

His new brand is taking flight! To keep it simple, "WRENCH MOB" is something car enthusiasts can all relate to. If you've spent a late night in the garage busting your knuckles on your project, or thrive on the feeling of knowing you're driving something you have personally twisted the bolts on, you're part of "WRENCH MOB".

As we continue working on some new things for AutoLife TV we are motivated and excited about the future of both projects. With that being said, please welcome my relative and his new brand, "WRENCH MOB". Full site and t-shirts are coming, but stickers are available NOW!

To purchase click HERE

To purchase click HERE