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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome back CACK: The Mike G. Experience

I remember the first time I saw TANK, it was sitting on red Div3's I was driving the "USDM", I don't even know if TANK had a swap at the time, I don't even think the meet we were attending even had a name, lol, I think it was just some random park meet. Mike and I would chit chat every now and then at events and on AIM, I think it was around JDM Jon's (Jon Tanji) passing away that a lot of us really starting to see that a lot of us were actually friends and not just "dudes with cars".... a BUNCH of us started to hang out more often valuing the time we had to chill, I caught myself in Pasadena and Orange County often... Emo Mob, Phaze2, AM7 the list goes on and on, it was good times....
I remember when Mike G's car went from all motor to boost, it was going to be INSANE, built motor, gnarly turbo kit, I think he had some M7's that he was "coming out" with, that was before flush wheels, roof racks, baby bikes and "stuff" like that was the thing to do...
I remember the NWP meet Mike G. came to and TANK was forced into the garage...
I remember all 5 years of the car being asked about but unseen, Mike G. tied himself over with a uber clean red Integra (wish I had pics) painted at MOBworks, had a clean swap, Viper red paint, but it wasn't TANK...
And now, I'll remember this year as the one TANK and Mike G. finally made it back! I'll save my personal memories and experiences with Mike G and his tough journey... and leave it at, it's good to see you back CACK! DOGGIE!! BUDDY!! I told you so!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kanye "Runaway"

A lot of people hate this man for various reasons... but I don't. Kanye may not be the "dopest battle rapper" or have "insane punch lines" but he is undeniably an artist. No this is not a music blog, where I sit around and over analyze the "music game" or try to dictate where hip-hop should be going... but I do know that I listened to this track like 8 times in a row... plus there is nothing to really report...

I've been busy doing some product research for the AutoLife TV store, we'll be doing the basic stickers and possibly T-Shirts but we want something a little more unique, and that takes some thinking and brainstorming... I also began brainstorming for the next "stage" of AutoLife as we are always striving to set ourselves apart....

Anyway, enjoy this track... Do your thing Kanye! I will be doing a video to this track one of these days, heheee!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Skunk2's unmeet 1.0 Recap and Video

So, I guess I will give my .02 cents on the Skunk2 Unmeet before it's too late and I'm considered to simply be ranting like the old hateful fart I am. Every time I speak about it I have to say "not to be biased"...HAHA! But "real talk" it was probably the best meet I have been to in over 5 years. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy EVERYTHING I go to, but there was something about the vibe at Unmeet that made the day awesome. Good people, amazing weather, awesome location, the owner of Skunk2 laying down the law on the grill, and a lot of laughs. Notice I didn't even mention the cars, that's because they were secondary, really not the focus, nice to see but not a priority. I think a lot of people were not sure if it would be any good, those that doubted and didn't show up would have had to the chance to pick the brains of numerous innovators of the industry. It was really something you'd have to be there to experience.

Compliments of The Chronicles, Joey got a close up look of my mug, shocked I didn't break his camera.
Snipper shot from Joey, glad I wasn't flinging a booger at Big Mike
Osama BINATA... Krew of 1 Photography. Keep it up man!
Somebody got away with the head of BINATA, which had a TON of swag in it...
There were a lot of entertaining activities throughout the day, this is us during the "Time Attack Challenge" on these 4 person paddle car things.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Featured Elite: "Danny Dan" Violante's Civic Hatch

Check out my boy Danny's gnarly daily driven Civic Hatch. K-Series, nitrous, and damn near EVERYTHING in Skunk2's arsenal. This is just the beginning of what is do come from Danny as he also is getting ready to bring out "Blueberry", which is his boosted track car

Skunk2 Elite: Danny Dan's K-Powered daily from Brandon Mc. (aka Lost IS BLaCK) on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

HiBoost Build Part4 (Ready to race)

The boys are ready to lay the smack down! A lot of hustle went into getting this car ready for this weekend. Check out the Photos from Enny, and the video segment by my Nyce1's homies. The music in this segment might sound familiar as I used the track in one of the "Skunk2 East Coast" videos... I also noticed a style change in the editing this time. Awesome coverage, it will make you feel like you were there. Aki and Ceaz TRULY have a way with words, LOL, I like to call it passion.

Be ready for updates are they are already in the South ready to run! THIS WEEKEND WILL BE A BIG DEAL!

Track Bike from for sale:

My boy is selling his "fixie" frame (I like to call them track bikes). Mercier Kilo TT, I think it's a 56... $100, if interested hit the facebook fan pace and leave a comment on the wall.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Skunk2 How To: What's in Your Bottom End?

Follow along as Skunk2 walks you through a complete engine build. It all starts with understanding what exactly is inside your engine block. Watch and learn, let the narrator's deep voice soothe you, HAHA!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Found some stuff in the garage and it's all for sale!

Decided to cruise into the garage to dig around, found a few things that needed a new home. I'm sure the old lady will be excited about it, lol! Yes, it is probably tacky to post stuff for sale on the blog, but hey, it's mine, I'll do what I want with it, plus I needed to host the pics someplace and there are only like 10-20 people that click on the blog daily anyway. Honestly I think 10 of those clicks are my own, LOL!

Red Rays Lug nuts (new in b0x)
"OG" iBuilt rear tow hook
Mugen Oil Cap (new)
Buddy Club Radiator Cap (new)
Spoon Shift Knob (new)

Kics Extended Racing NUTS, black (new)Wedge seat bracket for 90-91 civic hatch (used)
JDM EF-9 floor mats (used)
Yes they are real...
JRC (Johnny race car) Front mount intercooler (used)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Disneyland and lunch at Club 33

So last Tuesday we took an excursion to Disneyland and had lunch at the exclusive Club 33, from my understanding a LOT of people have wished to get inside and were never blessed with the opportunity. Well "B" was in the house and doing his usual...oh, this post might be a little racially charged as I had some incidents take place that make EVERYBODY wonder what was REALLY going on...

First thing we did was go grab a beer, HAHA!
The camera is always rolling
Kicked off the Hollywood Tower of Terror, for doing NOTHING wrong... it was a total "blame the black guy moment". Disneyland will be receiving a complaint.
Import drag race legend Tony Shagday
Preparing to hit up Club 33, everybody was waiting for security to roll me again for being near the door, "hey black people can't get in to Club 33 buddy" it never happened though, I think I was surrounded my too many "others" LOL!
Inside Club 33, man if those walls could talk
Chocolate wasted!!! The chocolate martini=BOMB
The main dish... I don't even need to tell you what this is.
Dr. Charles requested a special desert be made for us... $20 smores in a cub from what I could see...

Overall and AWESOME day, besides the weird race related things that kept happening. There is also a video from the day...

Friday, September 3, 2010

HiBoost Build Part3

Things are moving really fast over at the shop. However sometimes set backs happen making for that much more drama in the process of getting to an event. The boys at HiBoost might just make a win that much sweeter after what they are dealing with.

Motor was assembled and dropped in
Top mount with the dual wastegates= BIG POWER

The ran into a problem with the head, and had it yanked in minutes, time is MONEY!

Come to find out the valves didn't seat correctly, the fellas at the machine shop messed up a few things.
From the looks of things the motor should be back in soon and back to the dyno, hell it's probably back on the dyno already.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

HiBoost Build Part2

Updates from the HiBoost camp. Although there has been a lot of hate coming from some folks over in the East, I have no problem keeping it real and showing love to people that are working hard, who ever it is. For the record, the blog is not a East vs. West, or Fake vs. Real, nor is it biased to any company or person. If others had content and they wanted me in the know, it would have a place here, as "AutoLife TV" is about ALL enthusiast's... however if there is B.S. flying out of peoples mouths or being posted on forums and I KNOW the truth, I'm going to speak up... behind these keyboards folks seem to feel like they can't be found... beware of what tree you bark up...

Anyway...on to the build from the guys over at HiBoost!
Key components to the build
Mob'n to drop the block off

"So you're planning to hit over 800hp again?"
"Let me show you what I've been working on"
See any laying down? I don't, LOL!
A few days later the heart was done and ready for pick up.
Props the the HiBoost guys on the hard work, updates on the car will be here soon, as the motor is already together and the car should be seeing the dyno. Keep handling business out there in the East!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

HiBoost Build Part1

Enny from the HiBoost camp got at me regarding their build that they are working up. Aki and the boys are preparing to lay the smack down.

The "Grocery Getter" ("groceries"=money)
Empty bay, ready for some cleaning up, and somebody rocking some Croc's... LOL!
The boys yanked the dash
A brief meeting of the minds
I think they need an "AutoLife TV" sticker on there someplace :o
Fixing up the fenders so the giant slicks don't get beat up.
Stay tuned for more updates.