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Monday, October 29, 2012

Trashed car but still ALIVE!

A lot of us watch crashes on Speed Channel, or ESPN and know the dangers of racing but really don't believe it can happen to them or anybody close to them. Just a few weeks ago AutoLife TV was in Texas shooting WekFest TX. and capturing a feature video of our good pal "Ahobbs" and his insane Civic Coupe "Darkness" aka Charlie Murphy. Until this weekend I never really understood what pushed him to loving cars the way he does. I never really understood why he didn't have the same personality many of the other "enthusiasts" I interact with on a daily basis. No homo but, he was different. A stand up dude, works hard, appreciates money and LOVES racing. At hours when I would normally give up and be like "f this car", Ahobbs was putting on his shoes and socks getting ready to drive his truck 80 miles away to pick up a trailer! This understanding for his passion saddens AutoLife TV to see his car in this condition...

What matters most is that our buddy got away with only a sore elbow and a tiny headache from the violent impact with the wall. Ahobbs said the car never felt this "violent" EVER, and he knew he was on his way to a potentially record breaking 8 second pass, when he suddenly saw smoke from the tire and the car veered hard to the right. As he counter-steered the car back to the left at 150 mph it was too late, one of the tires lost air and the car was put into an uncontrollable spin. He crossed the line out of control at 9.04 at 159mph...ending his run trunk first into the wall... thank goodness (GOD) you are okay man! The car will forever be alive in video.

Friday, October 26, 2012

B there or B square

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Nationals 2012

We were invited out to Fall Nationals this year since we missed Honda Day, unfortunately our schedule didn't permit the trip. Luckily we had a buddy that was down to step in as a contributor. Enny M. hit the event and provided us with some solid photos!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Music of the day: Beautiful Eulogy

Many won't catch the message in this track...

This just in: HiBoost Aki

In between planning HiBoost Aki's next visit to Cali, these are the kinds of things I get sent to my phone on a daily basis. Why, because family.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Darkness"- Ahobbs Racing's 9 Second Civic

Remember that car feature mentioned in the last post? Well, AutoLifeTV wasn't joking. We road the Greyhound of the Sky, aka South West Airlines, from Cali to Austin, TX. A city known for great music and a cool vibe. Unfortunately when we landed and were able to stretch the old legs, the only thing in sight was heavy rain, which is not good for camera gear (we hope you know). That didn't stop A.Hobbs and I from sitting up like a couple of little girls talking about car stuff, going on an emergency call (Hobbs is a Fireman), and me eventually getting picked up by David Nguyen who came out to chill and attend WekFest TX with his turbocharged H22 powered EK Hatchback (it's in the WekFest video). David had a fancy hotel for us to crash in and DAMN it nice to finally go to sleep.

Saturday brought even more rain, but there was no way to go back to Cali without an interview and footage of the car. So we "squared off" with the storm and said "F it, let's go for it". After getting stuck in the mud in Ahobbs Dodge Diesel for over an hour, our equipment getting soaked, fighting crazy ass gnats flying around all over the place, we ended the night driving to freak'n San Antonio to get a damn trailer so Ahobbs could take his car to WekFest, TX the following day. Oh, the reason we got stuck in the mud in the first place was because we needed to get Ahobbs' enclosed trailer to deliver the race car to the car show. It was a really fun night because I got to buy all kinds of crap I didn't need at this HUGE gas station called Buc-ee's, the "mini mart" was the size of a damn supermarket! I also go to eat at "What A Burger" for the first time in my life, the folks over in Texas kept talking about this place called "waterburger", come to find out it was "WHAT-A-BURGER", haha! It didn't give us the runs, so that was a plus.

Whatever the case, the trip will be one never forgotten. We did our best with the shoot, Ahobbs won 1st place best of show at WekFest TX. 2012, AutoLifeTV got to judge another event (no we didn't have the Honda Class, no conspiracy trophy giving crap here!), and we made it home safe to put together this video. Please take a moment to share it or embed it, hell maybe even drop us tip in our "tip jar". Enjoy!

Friday, October 5, 2012

WekFest Texas 2012 (Official Coverage)

Dang it feels good to have friends all over the country. We were flown out to Austin Texas last weekend for business. One task being a feature video that we can't give any details on, the other capturing the official WekFest Texas coverage. The cameras pretty much never stopped running. After unloading Antwaine Hobbs' 9 second Civic Coupe (which ended up winning 1st Place Best of Show) I  found out AutoLifeTV was also responsible for judging the Acura Class at the event. I think AutoLifeTV did a pretty good job capturing the day and the WekFest family seemed pretty happy to see us there.

On a side note, we have activated a "tip jar" on the video. After watching the video you can leave us a tip by clicking the "tip jar" button just below the video, you have to actually be on the vimeo page to do this...taking these trips does cost money. You can also show your support by sharing or embedding the video on your facebook/blog/ or favorite site.

We'll provide more details about the actual trip later, for now just enjoy the event coverage!

PS: Yes the music track used in the video is a little "rough", but you'll get through it. We doubt you've never used bad language before, HAHA!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

West Coast Racer's Head to E-Town

Three California racers are heading to the E-Town event in New Jersey. TB, Jason Park and Alex "Sheepey" Soto's Integra's are all loaded up for the cross country trip.  I've heard, and read about how nobody from the West wants to step to the East, and how the cars from the Westcoast are "weak"... It's really cool to see some guys make the effort and spend the money to go the other side of the country to show face and promote their racing program, if we ever have a "big" event in California again, it would be cool to see the East Coast guys make an effort to come visit California. For some reason I have a feeling the East would REALLY like Cali and want to stay...that ain't allowed, HAHA!