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Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday, June 15, 2015

#Japan2015 - Part 3

@Silviachicka back again. The third portion of my trip I'd like to share is Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) because it's so different from shows back home. First thing I noticed was the amount of  big name companies that participated. The convention center was packed!  I think the last time I saw huge "OG" companies flooding events back home was in the mid-late 2000's. TAS was a memorable event because there were so many cars and so many makes and models! There wasn't a time where I walked around and thought "oh another rocket bunny kit" or "oh another liberty walk". Seemed that every car there was unique in its own way. Often times back home it seems like a lot of builds or mods turn into cookie cutter trends, taking the "community" by storm. Then suddenly everyone thinks a primer car is a "drift missile" or that over fenders are mandatory to be "cool". A lot of the cars there may have been considered pretty "extreme" or "ricey" but I thought they were all so dope. Some modifications that may get you made fun of here was highly respected over there. It felt like no matter what the mod was or whomever the owner, pride was taken in having it done properly, there was definitely no sign of cutting corners! Take a look for yourself:

D-Max Booth. Better believe I swooped up some parts.