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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Super Funny iPhone Video... are YOU buying for the right reasons?!

I love Mac Products, but this one is TOO funny to not post, yes I know this is not car related or AutoLife TV related but I got a laugh out of it. Oh yeah, don't watch it at work, HAHA!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Not cars... but still motorized... my neighbor Tony on his GSX-R

Tony on a weekend Palomar Mountain run, head up knee down homie!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

KraftWerks USA Owner Profile: Casey Dennis

KraftWerks USA gets a visit from Casey Dennis, a young aspiring race car driver. Casey was on his way to a weekend track day and stopped by to show off his race car. AutoLife TV brings it to you!

Skunk2 Racing's Honda Elite

Skunk2 Racing shows off some of their Honda Elite (Street Team). AutoLife TV might have had a little bit to do with this vid... HAHA.

PS: The "Coverage" will be out soon enough... be patient folks.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ever sleep on a super deal TOO long?

DANG I miss these wheels... the project car looked mean on these and the homie Ty was damn near GIVING them to me... TRAGIC!


Brings back a lot of memories... thanks for the pic "P"!

New Skunk2 Tee

New T-Shirt, new black series intake manifold and NEWEST red wrinkle intake manifold, SICK!

I personally like the model the most...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WekFest Part#2 (Been out for a while... just sharing)

Since it doesn't look like too many have watched this one, I decided to toss it up on the blog.

Fun vid from the Skunk2 gang... Snake vs. Skunk2

couldn't seem to get it to embed correctly, so just click on the link...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finally got some pics from Eibach.... day jobs happen

Stiffler... I mean Aaron (camera man) BJ (photog) in background...
Ro aka Manties (relative)
The Gomez... in all her glory (talent, PA)
Trizz (right hand man)
We need one of these... maybe after we get a sponsor or two...
"B" shooting Alex Soto (I won't use your SN, LOL!)
Perfect commuter
The crew getting Mike G.
Real or Fake?! HAHA Ryan...
"B" shooting Ryan... again
...still shooting boy JP, it's been a long time!
Actually probably came in handy this year...
Heavy tripod
700 hp Wagovan, Bisi and Hedi you guys need to email me!
If only my wagon looked and ran like this one.
hmm... I wonder if the old lady would let me build something like this for her
My dude Steve on the camera
Matt Rodrez. (doesn't even need a caption)
Steve.... kill'n it
Alex Soto's... keep toddlers and small animals away!
we love the support!! All the way across the border
uhhh, yeah
Cut'n it up and ruining our video audio... LOL!
Mike G is BACK!!
Brandon (me) capturing some shots
Get LOW!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Compare and Contrast

Today was a normal day. 80 mile drive to Norco, a full and enjoyable day at work, and an 80 mile drive home... don't get me wrong the days are not that simple, especially when you have things like the internet and all it's interesting faceless characters making bold statements. I guess if I had a "Word of the day" it would be "Ballsy" or maybe "BOLD"...hmm, what ever, we don't have a word of the day so it's moot. However, the idea of it stems from a couple of interesting threads... one from and the other posted on, one making me want to continue what I do, and the other contains folks directing me to "not quit my day job" (guess they don't know what my day job is...LOL" or maybe I suck at my day job...hmmmm... I mean if a person on the internet says to do something we should listen right? HA! To those that have open minds and can appreciate ones art, THANK YOU!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A few pics some buddies got of me at the 2010 Eibach Meet

Spotted on "Motormavens"
Spotted on the "Chronicles" (Thanks Joey)

Spotted on "MayDay Garage"
I don't even know who got me here, LOL!

A TON of videos have already been posted from the event the 2010 Annual Eibach Meet... some of them have gotten pretty good clicks, but that doesn't mean much to "AutoLife TV"... I'm still going to put something out that I think the enthusiasts will like! We all know the crew has day jobs, so things take a bit longer then we would like, we all gotta EAT! Just be patient folks...

To all the folks that caught me out and about, HUGE thank you! Those pics made my day.