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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Compare and Contrast

Today was a normal day. 80 mile drive to Norco, a full and enjoyable day at work, and an 80 mile drive home... don't get me wrong the days are not that simple, especially when you have things like the internet and all it's interesting faceless characters making bold statements. I guess if I had a "Word of the day" it would be "Ballsy" or maybe "BOLD"...hmm, what ever, we don't have a word of the day so it's moot. However, the idea of it stems from a couple of interesting threads... one from and the other posted on, one making me want to continue what I do, and the other contains folks directing me to "not quit my day job" (guess they don't know what my day job is...LOL" or maybe I suck at my day job...hmmmm... I mean if a person on the internet says to do something we should listen right? HA! To those that have open minds and can appreciate ones art, THANK YOU!


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