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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A few pics some buddies got of me at the 2010 Eibach Meet

Spotted on "Motormavens"
Spotted on the "Chronicles" (Thanks Joey)

Spotted on "MayDay Garage"
I don't even know who got me here, LOL!

A TON of videos have already been posted from the event the 2010 Annual Eibach Meet... some of them have gotten pretty good clicks, but that doesn't mean much to "AutoLife TV"... I'm still going to put something out that I think the enthusiasts will like! We all know the crew has day jobs, so things take a bit longer then we would like, we all gotta EAT! Just be patient folks...

To all the folks that caught me out and about, HUGE thank you! Those pics made my day.

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