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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finally got some pics from Eibach.... day jobs happen

Stiffler... I mean Aaron (camera man) BJ (photog) in background...
Ro aka Manties (relative)
The Gomez... in all her glory (talent, PA)
Trizz (right hand man)
We need one of these... maybe after we get a sponsor or two...
"B" shooting Alex Soto (I won't use your SN, LOL!)
Perfect commuter
The crew getting Mike G.
Real or Fake?! HAHA Ryan...
"B" shooting Ryan... again
...still shooting boy JP, it's been a long time!
Actually probably came in handy this year...
Heavy tripod
700 hp Wagovan, Bisi and Hedi you guys need to email me!
If only my wagon looked and ran like this one.
hmm... I wonder if the old lady would let me build something like this for her
My dude Steve on the camera
Matt Rodrez. (doesn't even need a caption)
Steve.... kill'n it
Alex Soto's... keep toddlers and small animals away!
we love the support!! All the way across the border
uhhh, yeah
Cut'n it up and ruining our video audio... LOL!
Mike G is BACK!!
Brandon (me) capturing some shots
Get LOW!!

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  1. Damn, B. Those pics are pretty tight. Beej did a hell of a job getting awesome pics. Autolife FTW!!!