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Friday, June 29, 2012

KraftWerks Supercharged '06-'11 Civic Si Dyno Test Session

Now that the kit is actually available the only thing for '06-'11 Civic Si owners left to do it talk trash, critique the design, or complain about being broke... What ever the case, if you are lucky enough to ride in a car with the KraftWerks '06-'11 Civic Si kit, you won't have anything bad to say and you will probably have a "perma-smile" on your face after the ride is over.

AutoLife TV Encounter: Danny Dan's Two Wheeled Toy

Danny Dan stopped by to visit again with another "big boy toy". Last time we had an "Encounter" with Danny he pissed off a bunch of people and the video had to be taken down...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

WekFest LA 2012

Every year we look forward to WekFest San Francisco and WekFest LA (Long Beach). "Junior" Sarmiento and the WekFest gang has always shown us love and takes good care or us when we attend WekFest events. This year was extremely special for AutoLife TV as we were given the honor of presenting our very own WekFest "AutoLife" award.
We also brought a shitty car to toss into the BackYard Designs Co. booth and piggybacked an AutoLife TV "home-base" off the backside of the Backyard booth. For AutoLife the whole booth idea was something new, mostly because we are running on a shoestring budget, with not enough help to accomplish manning a booth AND shooting an event. This year Junior did something special for us so we said "screw it", let's just spend some money and have a good time. Brandon of AutoLife TV was responsible for judging a couple categories, giving the AutoLife award, keeping an eye on the booth, facilitating a give-a-way for Skunk2 Racing, and shooting the official WekFest LA 2012 video... if you can't see how busy of a day it was tack on 80 degree weather and little to no sleep the night before... Whatever the case, the video came out pretty freak'n good in our opinion. It's a bit funny how we still don't get the support or eyeballs from certain "friends" of ours that we've been showing love to for years, we must not be cool enough... HAHA, WHATEV, it isn't that serious, we'll keep doing our best!

Here is the video, let us know what you think, leave a comment on here, vimeo or post on our Facebook page! We hope you enjoy it and we thank everybody for supporting AutoLife TV!

This year we THOUGHT we'd "pick up the whole photography thing". Everything started out okay... We've got photoshop, a Mac, and a DSLR camera, we're basically professional photog's right!? (sarcasm)

Tony from ItsJDMyo, I think we pissed him off with our dual tent booth set-up and crappy cars set up next to his model area with all the pretty cars...

 Yep, ladies love AutoLife TV!

These are the winners of the Skunk2 prize. A box was hidden in the event, and then a picture was posted on the Skunk2 Facebook page as a hint. It only took about 5-10 minutes after the announcement for it to be found. We found it a bit ironic that a group of guys with DSLR's and sliders were the ones that won... we were happy for them though, and they seemed stoked.

Brandon and his wife Gaby, throughout the day guys with cameras kept asking if she was a model, next time we're going to make her wear sweats, lol, not!

AutoLife TV and the Backyard Designs "Rat Pack".

Near the end of the day things suddenly got weird... I'd like to blame it on the lack of food or the heat, but the truth is that we are actually a bunch of sick characters...

Brandon showing his genetic capabilities by curling Joe.

We tried to pack as many people into the Civic Wagon as possible, we got 7 people in and still had room to go...