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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


At one point I thought Loreto was going to sell this car... glad that hasn't happened yet. I personally got a chance to fart in Loreto's driver seat, can I be famous now, LOL!
On a side note, it is really interesting to watch the amount of love a car can receive from people that blatantly hate the companies and/or sponsors that support a car and builder. How does that work? "Love your car dude", but two weeks prior they were posting stuff like, "F that company and their products!". I don't really understand how you can love a build so much yet it uses products you hate... :pondering:

Backyard Design Co. does it again!

First this thing draws crowds at the Annual Eibach Meet in 2011, then it gets S3 Magazine COVER, followed by ANOTHER magazine feature (I can't name at the moment), and now this little treat on "What Monsters do"... Click HERE. Joe, I freak'n hate your shit eating grin and your wacky ass car...but you are DOING the damn thing. Good job man!