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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday 2.26.11

This awesome K-powered Lotus was picked up by the owner of Innovative. Be on the lookout for it at Time-Attack in the Unlimited class.

After returning from lunch Tony had these chillen on his desk, "Sprinkles" red velvet cupcakes, such a nice birthday gift.
Later that night we hit up Big Mike and Joey's birthday celebration at Northwood Pizza. It felt like some sort of secret society gathering. I don't think Joey spoke to me the entire time, I must have pissed him off... good times though, tons of laughs, beers, good pizza and conversation. Happy birthday guys. The cake was hilarious.

While everybody was at WekFest

I was up "more north" enjoying a bit of a stay-cation. The entire time thinking I'd be able to break away from the non car folk and hit WekFest for my fix. Clearly, things didn't go as planned. First stop was the Anderson Valley Brewery out in Boonville. The brewery was awesome, we took a tour, drank a couple 22oz. IPA's, played some frisbee golf out in the cold, then cruised out as the sun was setting.
This is a shot of our room at the Inn we stayed at, the place was really nice, I was pleasantly surprised.
I finally got a chance to see a Redwood tree. The roads leaving Boonville were gnarly, the entire time I was driving I kept imagining driving a high-performance car...
Here is a shot of the coast. We took Highway 1 south from Mendocino County, at this point I began to doubt getting to WekFest, I can't lie, the roads and the sights were amazing. I really think a scene from the "Goonies" was shot in this area.
The lady and I. Damn my cold weather jacket is ugly as hell!
We stopped here to use the bathroom and take in some more sights.
More "Goonies"

We heard a couple stories from this man.
About and hour later we stopped to eat here.

Over all the trip was awesome, sucks I missed WekFest, there is always next year. We'll just sit back and wait for a bunch of untrained "video-makes" to put out footage. I'm sure there will be a couple nicely done edits, unfortunately the they still lack a few major components, but eye-candy in HD seems to be the trend these days anyway.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Quick-Look: MakSpeed Racing

Myles Bautista is getting crack'n out in Temecula, check out the video we put together for them. Segment was sponsored by the good folks at Skunk2 Racing.

Speed Ventures Presents: HONTUNE

Track day, Auto-X, and car meet. Hopefully the weather holds up, I'm hearing rumors that it will go down rain or shine, RUMORS (don't hold AutoLife to that statement). Don't miss out this weekend!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WekFest 2011 by DJ Murdok

Every year a bunch of SoCal heads roll up to WekFest in SF. You might remember seeing many of them in the 2010 AutoLife TV coverage, this time around the video camera was left behind. Lukily DJ Murdok had his tool on deck and shot some AMAZING photos at the event, peep game. I'm sure all sorts of "video makers" had their :insert Canon DSLR: and their new camera slider out... Enjoy the shots.


Oyster Point Bay
Oyster Point Bay, the view from the hotel room in SF

Fort Mason @ sunset
Fort Mason @ sunset











Holy line batman!
Believe it.



















It's truly a privilege to have DJ Murdok here on AutoLife. Welcome the man and his talents, you'll be seeing a lot more from him.

You can get large versions and see all the photos HERE

"While you were at WekFest", coming soon...