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Friday, April 26, 2013

Photo Leak: KraftWerks B-Race Kit!

We'll just leave this here! Oh, and best believe we are the FIRST to post this image, because it was taken with our camera! DUH!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Update from NVuS CEO Jimmy Gomez

Looks like he's turning up the heat! Boosted with a custom touch, we dig it! Kinda glad we didn't do the "official" video yet, with all these changes taking place...

Crazy how much this team has grown so much. Here is video from one of their local meets.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Because it's SICK!

Let's just keep it real for a minute. The Miata has been hated for YEAR'S! Thought to be "gay" or for dudes that wore Tommy Bahama shirts and really short shorts... Good thing there are dudes like Steve and Joey of Project-G that didn't give a damn what people thought and did what they believed in. You can't look at this picture and still call all Miata's "gay" and if you do, well...maybe you aren't a real "car enthusiast"...yeah we said it. Project-G is changing the Miata "game".

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mike of Squirrel Squad's Wild Civic

Remember that trip we took to Texas a while ago to visit Ahobbs? Well, during that trip AutoLife TV met the “Squirrel Squad” while at WekFest Texas. It might be shocking to people that follow AutoLife, but for the most part people have no idea who Brandon (ALTV Everything Guy) is, so when he walks up to people and introduces himself they typically look at him like “who the hell is this dude, and what does he want?”, if the people/person is cool, Brandon might pursue the conversation, at some point Brandon’s daily grind might be revealed, which usually ALWAYS results in a look of “you’re full of shit bro”, but that is the beauty of it all.

Back to meeting the “Squirrel Squad”… They had a pretty good representation at WekFest TX, and looked liked they were genuinely enjoying the event. Between judging a couple classes and shooting the official WekFest TX video coverage Brandon found time to chat with some of the crew and even offered them the “deal”, as expected Brandon got the "you're full of shit" look, along with a couple "this is too good to be true" expressions. But one member took it upon himself to look into things a bit deeper, his name is Mike Gutierrez and he is the owner of the insane Civic you see in these photos. Since then Mike and Brandon have kept in touch, talking about changes to the car, life, and his new Skunk2/KraftWerks sponsorship, sssshhhhhh.

We asked Mike about some of the drama surrounding this car after WekFest TX, after some disagreements regarding the winners were posted online along with a “meme”, come to find out he had nothing to do with the “meme” or the beginnings of the drama… We’re actually happy his car doesn’t “fit” certain others criteria, because now we don’t have to worry about looking like we jumped on the bandwagon… Mike has a lot more plans for the car, which we can’t wait to see. Hopefully we can get some more of the “Squirrel Squads” cars shot so we can show them some love here on ALTV! Oh and don't trip, we WILL be asking them more about where they came up with the name...

We even got a video of the rest of the crew for you all to check out! Enjoy!