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Friday, November 30, 2012

Stolen: Karl Basa's EG

STOLEN: Street Team Elite member Karl Basa's EG. Last seen at 4yourwheels in Santa Clara California. Vehicle is a 1994 Honda Civic hatchback CX... Mitsubishi bluebayou custom paint skunk 2 banner front and rear, Rywire banner up front. Any and all information would be extremely helpful. Contact us if you have any information

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

KraftWerks Miata Supercharger kit

The folks at KraftWerks recently re-designed their Miata supercharger kit for the Miata NA and NB roadster. Lucky for me I was able to experience the kit for myself prior to the official release. All I'll say is that this setup will change your perspective on Miata's AND supercharging... I'll leave it at that.

FF SQUAD / Katman / Speedventures HFF 4.11.17

Because FF Squad

Monday, November 19, 2012

Music of the Day: Gaslamp Killer (ft. Dimlite) - "Seven Years of Bad Luck for Fun"

Today's "Music of the Day" post is very special. "Gaslamp Killer" has been on the come up for a few years now, rocking the stage all over the place, including Burning Man and Coachella. What is even more special to us is that "Gaslamp Killer" and AutoLife TV creator Brandon have been friends since middle school. During their days of aimless thoughts and skateboarding with friends we're sure nobody knew the "Gaslamp Killer" was amongst the crew, what we do remember is the deep musical interest that he had during those young ages...basically it was already inside of him as a youngbuck. Amazing to see how far he as come.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Trending Video of the day: Southern Revival

There is magic in the art of story telling... "Petrolicious" has their tricks figured out. Check out this cool segment.

GReddy X Rocket Bunny

GReddy is proud to announce the exclusive release of the GReddy X Rocket Bunny 86 Widebody Aero kit for the Scion FR-S to the North American market.
This highly anticipated aero kit was the the hit of the 2012 SEMA show and the most popular FR-S/86 aero kit on the internet for months.  

The full aero kit with the GT-Wing p/n 17010224  includes 19pcs and has manufactures suggested retail price of $4,995.  While the complete aero kit p/n 17010223 without the GT Wing set  has 12pcs and list for  $2,700.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TANDEM OF DIE | 2012 Year-End Video

yeah yeah yeah...we don't post enough drift action, we'll do better. We've gotta meet these dudes one of these days.

Our friends: Downstar Inc.

When you have hustle in you, it really doesn't matter what you need to move, it's how you move it... Go buy some spikes and bolts before they come MAKE you buy some, lol ;)

Targa Trophy Holiday Cruise


Owned by pro boarder Austin Hironaka. He rides for Ride Snowboards, we're sure you have heard of the brand... He must have a good time mashing this thing up and down the mountains.

Monday, November 12, 2012

...been meaning to get this posted up. Many of us can remember a time we thought 8 second quarter mile passes was something like a unicorn. Now the community is knocking on the 7 second door, simply amazing! Congrats Speedfactory, truly inspiring.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

cool shots

Friday, November 9, 2012

Ummmm we need Scooters, STAT!

Dorbyworks X Satostudios build flick from michael sato on Vimeo.

If you don't want to get your hands on a damn scooter after this you might need to just watch the video again... The homie Michael Sato got ill on this one! Dorbyworks scooters looking on point as always!

Stupid Cool!

Music of the Day: Lupe Fiasco - Bitch Bad

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Help Ahobbs get back out there!

Now this is something different, Konstant Design in collaborations With Ahobbs Racing is doing a shirt to get Mr Hobbs back on the track after his bad crash a few weeks ago. T shirts are going to be $25 shipped and you can put your orders in via email at All profits from this shirt will go to get this guy and his car back on track where they belong. So tag your friends and share this and let people know so we can get Ahobbs back on the track.

Never thought I'd see the day...

...when my name was next to a bunch of import car industry legends autographs. Mind blown!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trending Video of the Day: // TRA Kyoto & The Rocket Bunny

We usually don't post of lot of other peoples videos... not really sure why. Heck, come to think of it maybe well do it more often! This was an interesting watch for the day, especially after seeing how many people had the damn Rocket Bunny kit on their cars at SEMA this year. I mean damn, it seemed like the car came from the factory with the damn kit, EVERYBODY had it! It's a damn good look though.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Throne material for November

While you're in the bathroom pushing out "hot-snakes" or sitting so long your hemorrhoids start acting up, grab a couple things to read during the process. For the month of November we'll be putting in work with S3 Featuring the homies Mike D's RHD boosted Civic Hatchback and Backyard Joe's "Compound" which AutoLife TV has a little cameo in. We also have the USDM Freax magazine that Tetsuya gave to us while he was visiting, ummm can we comment on how HOT Elissa Alva is, ugh, DDAYYUUUMMM! Anyway, we've also got the new DSport with the super sexy Harmony on the cover, we just might have to go stalk her over at her work...j/k.

Music of the Day: Joey Bada$$ ft. Chuck Strangers - Fromdatomb$

For all the 80's and 90's crack babies that remember the way music sounded back in the day, this should be a refreshing listen. A talented young man by the names of "Joey Bada$$". Let it slap!

GPRauto Goodies

Yeah yeah yeah, not the best pic... but it will have to do. You ever see those gnarly videos of racers putting in work in "unknown" locations? Well there is a guy that has been out there risking life and limp for a few years capturing the footage. He's goes by "GPRauto", which is actually a parts shop. We met a few years ago during a caravan to WekFest SF. What's funny is that I remember him looking at me (kinda funny) as I captured footage of his car at the meet up spot for the caravan...I didn't know HE was the guy that had been shooting the videos, of course after the fact I was able to put the pieces together. Well "GPRauto" came down to catch up for a few minutes. A lot of times we tell our painful stories about cheap "friends" that want "sick" videos but don't want to pay us shit for our time, gas or equipment. He's a fellow car enthusiast who happens to be a starving artist like us... whatever the case, he delivered some goodies to enjoy before they all sold out. Thanks GPRauto, keep up the good work man, it takes balls to go out there and capture footage of those street races in "MEXICO"! ;)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Show Love

We blew through the first batch of shirts when they were announced the first time. Then all of a sudden things slowed down a bit... maybe we need to put a reminder out. YES we have a store, YES these videos cost money, YES the travel costs money, buying a shirt to support AutoLifeTV is the EASY part...
Oh, happy birthday Backyard Joe, you old fart.

S2 Racetrack Caps

These joints arrived a few days ago and now they are available to the masses. It is interesting to see a performance parts company care about the style and look of apparel...