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Monday, November 5, 2012

GPRauto Goodies

Yeah yeah yeah, not the best pic... but it will have to do. You ever see those gnarly videos of racers putting in work in "unknown" locations? Well there is a guy that has been out there risking life and limp for a few years capturing the footage. He's goes by "GPRauto", which is actually a parts shop. We met a few years ago during a caravan to WekFest SF. What's funny is that I remember him looking at me (kinda funny) as I captured footage of his car at the meet up spot for the caravan...I didn't know HE was the guy that had been shooting the videos, of course after the fact I was able to put the pieces together. Well "GPRauto" came down to catch up for a few minutes. A lot of times we tell our painful stories about cheap "friends" that want "sick" videos but don't want to pay us shit for our time, gas or equipment. He's a fellow car enthusiast who happens to be a starving artist like us... whatever the case, he delivered some goodies to enjoy before they all sold out. Thanks GPRauto, keep up the good work man, it takes balls to go out there and capture footage of those street races in "MEXICO"! ;)

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