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Monday, November 5, 2012

Throne material for November

While you're in the bathroom pushing out "hot-snakes" or sitting so long your hemorrhoids start acting up, grab a couple things to read during the process. For the month of November we'll be putting in work with S3 Featuring the homies Mike D's RHD boosted Civic Hatchback and Backyard Joe's "Compound" which AutoLife TV has a little cameo in. We also have the USDM Freax magazine that Tetsuya gave to us while he was visiting, ummm can we comment on how HOT Elissa Alva is, ugh, DDAYYUUUMMM! Anyway, we've also got the new DSport with the super sexy Harmony on the cover, we just might have to go stalk her over at her work...j/k.

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