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Friday, October 5, 2012

WekFest Texas 2012 (Official Coverage)

Dang it feels good to have friends all over the country. We were flown out to Austin Texas last weekend for business. One task being a feature video that we can't give any details on, the other capturing the official WekFest Texas coverage. The cameras pretty much never stopped running. After unloading Antwaine Hobbs' 9 second Civic Coupe (which ended up winning 1st Place Best of Show) I  found out AutoLifeTV was also responsible for judging the Acura Class at the event. I think AutoLifeTV did a pretty good job capturing the day and the WekFest family seemed pretty happy to see us there.

On a side note, we have activated a "tip jar" on the video. After watching the video you can leave us a tip by clicking the "tip jar" button just below the video, you have to actually be on the vimeo page to do this...taking these trips does cost money. You can also show your support by sharing or embedding the video on your facebook/blog/ or favorite site.

We'll provide more details about the actual trip later, for now just enjoy the event coverage!

PS: Yes the music track used in the video is a little "rough", but you'll get through it. We doubt you've never used bad language before, HAHA!

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