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Monday, October 29, 2012

Trashed car but still ALIVE!

A lot of us watch crashes on Speed Channel, or ESPN and know the dangers of racing but really don't believe it can happen to them or anybody close to them. Just a few weeks ago AutoLife TV was in Texas shooting WekFest TX. and capturing a feature video of our good pal "Ahobbs" and his insane Civic Coupe "Darkness" aka Charlie Murphy. Until this weekend I never really understood what pushed him to loving cars the way he does. I never really understood why he didn't have the same personality many of the other "enthusiasts" I interact with on a daily basis. No homo but, he was different. A stand up dude, works hard, appreciates money and LOVES racing. At hours when I would normally give up and be like "f this car", Ahobbs was putting on his shoes and socks getting ready to drive his truck 80 miles away to pick up a trailer! This understanding for his passion saddens AutoLife TV to see his car in this condition...

What matters most is that our buddy got away with only a sore elbow and a tiny headache from the violent impact with the wall. Ahobbs said the car never felt this "violent" EVER, and he knew he was on his way to a potentially record breaking 8 second pass, when he suddenly saw smoke from the tire and the car veered hard to the right. As he counter-steered the car back to the left at 150 mph it was too late, one of the tires lost air and the car was put into an uncontrollable spin. He crossed the line out of control at 9.04 at 159mph...ending his run trunk first into the wall... thank goodness (GOD) you are okay man! The car will forever be alive in video.

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