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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Skunk2's unmeet 1.0 Recap and Video

So, I guess I will give my .02 cents on the Skunk2 Unmeet before it's too late and I'm considered to simply be ranting like the old hateful fart I am. Every time I speak about it I have to say "not to be biased"...HAHA! But "real talk" it was probably the best meet I have been to in over 5 years. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy EVERYTHING I go to, but there was something about the vibe at Unmeet that made the day awesome. Good people, amazing weather, awesome location, the owner of Skunk2 laying down the law on the grill, and a lot of laughs. Notice I didn't even mention the cars, that's because they were secondary, really not the focus, nice to see but not a priority. I think a lot of people were not sure if it would be any good, those that doubted and didn't show up would have had to the chance to pick the brains of numerous innovators of the industry. It was really something you'd have to be there to experience.

Compliments of The Chronicles, Joey got a close up look of my mug, shocked I didn't break his camera.
Snipper shot from Joey, glad I wasn't flinging a booger at Big Mike
Osama BINATA... Krew of 1 Photography. Keep it up man!
Somebody got away with the head of BINATA, which had a TON of swag in it...
There were a lot of entertaining activities throughout the day, this is us during the "Time Attack Challenge" on these 4 person paddle car things.

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