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Thursday, September 2, 2010

HiBoost Build Part2

Updates from the HiBoost camp. Although there has been a lot of hate coming from some folks over in the East, I have no problem keeping it real and showing love to people that are working hard, who ever it is. For the record, the blog is not a East vs. West, or Fake vs. Real, nor is it biased to any company or person. If others had content and they wanted me in the know, it would have a place here, as "AutoLife TV" is about ALL enthusiast's... however if there is B.S. flying out of peoples mouths or being posted on forums and I KNOW the truth, I'm going to speak up... behind these keyboards folks seem to feel like they can't be found... beware of what tree you bark up...

Anyway...on to the build from the guys over at HiBoost!
Key components to the build
Mob'n to drop the block off

"So you're planning to hit over 800hp again?"
"Let me show you what I've been working on"
See any laying down? I don't, LOL!
A few days later the heart was done and ready for pick up.
Props the the HiBoost guys on the hard work, updates on the car will be here soon, as the motor is already together and the car should be seeing the dyno. Keep handling business out there in the East!

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