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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Found some stuff in the garage and it's all for sale!

Decided to cruise into the garage to dig around, found a few things that needed a new home. I'm sure the old lady will be excited about it, lol! Yes, it is probably tacky to post stuff for sale on the blog, but hey, it's mine, I'll do what I want with it, plus I needed to host the pics someplace and there are only like 10-20 people that click on the blog daily anyway. Honestly I think 10 of those clicks are my own, LOL!

Red Rays Lug nuts (new in b0x)
"OG" iBuilt rear tow hook
Mugen Oil Cap (new)
Buddy Club Radiator Cap (new)
Spoon Shift Knob (new)

Kics Extended Racing NUTS, black (new)Wedge seat bracket for 90-91 civic hatch (used)
JDM EF-9 floor mats (used)
Yes they are real...
JRC (Johnny race car) Front mount intercooler (used)

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