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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Disneyland and lunch at Club 33

So last Tuesday we took an excursion to Disneyland and had lunch at the exclusive Club 33, from my understanding a LOT of people have wished to get inside and were never blessed with the opportunity. Well "B" was in the house and doing his usual...oh, this post might be a little racially charged as I had some incidents take place that make EVERYBODY wonder what was REALLY going on...

First thing we did was go grab a beer, HAHA!
The camera is always rolling
Kicked off the Hollywood Tower of Terror, for doing NOTHING wrong... it was a total "blame the black guy moment". Disneyland will be receiving a complaint.
Import drag race legend Tony Shagday
Preparing to hit up Club 33, everybody was waiting for security to roll me again for being near the door, "hey black people can't get in to Club 33 buddy" it never happened though, I think I was surrounded my too many "others" LOL!
Inside Club 33, man if those walls could talk
Chocolate wasted!!! The chocolate martini=BOMB
The main dish... I don't even need to tell you what this is.
Dr. Charles requested a special desert be made for us... $20 smores in a cub from what I could see...

Overall and AWESOME day, besides the weird race related things that kept happening. There is also a video from the day...

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