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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Myles Bautista and Mak-Speed

Life is a funny thing, there are ups and downs but no matter what it's important to value the life you have, as it's not permanent. One thing that is strange is meeting a person that you know all about but could only imagine meeting meet face-to-face and definitely not two of those people at the same time. Yesterday I meet an pair of import drag racing pioneers, Myles Bautista and Archie Madrazo. Both of which are guys that had a hand in paving the way for what we are doing today. I caught up to them while Myles was in the process of testing some Skunk2 parts on the shops Evo project at his new facility MAK-SPEED, in Temecula CA. I felt like a elementary school kid as they told stories about "back in the day", truly "OG" stories that many of todays enthusiasts wish they could have experienced. I had the camera running for a bit, maybe we will release some of the Anyway, be sure to go visit MAK-SPEED, support a true legend of the industry, and be on the look out because they are still on the scene.

-4 wheel dyno
-Rad Stories

Turbo Magazine Cover feature of Myles Bautista's race cars

Myles learning how to use the internet...

MAK-SPEED, go visit!

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