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Sunday, May 8, 2011

AutoLife TV: Eibach Meet 2010 "Better Late Than Never"

AutoLife TV has covered the Eibach Meet more years than any other automotive video creator out there. We make it a point to show up and not simply get shots of cars, but to truly document the event by actually speaking to enthusiasts and hearing what they have to say. 2010 we did what was expected of us however Brandon McCray, AutoLife TV Producer, decided not to put out a video right after the event due to a swarm of low quality videos bombarding the internet less than an hour after the event ended. With the rise of "video makers" and their "event coverage", AutoLife TV found itself competing with untrained video makers with HD DSLR's saturating the internet with what they call "coverage", but was really nothing more than a music montage of the event. Luckily there are some loyal AutoLife TV followers that kept pushing for us to release our version of the 2010 Eibach Meet. With the 2011 event right around the corner we felt if we were ever going to put something out this would be the best time to get everybody even more excited about the event. We'd like to thank everybody that stayed on us, damn near begging to see AutoLife TV's documentation. Thanks for supporting true professional producers/video makers. Now all we need is for some folks to embed and post the video and maybe even "Like" us on Facebook...

Special Thanks:
Ryan Hoegner
Eibach Springs
Matt "Rodrez" Rodriguez
Broken Bank Clothing

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