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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Featured Elite: Loreto Garcia's "Darkside" Civic Hatchback

Having a project come together fairly smooth is always nice. Loreto came down from San Jose with his boys from Darkside Racing and DNR to handle some business. During their business trip they brought Loreto's car over for a video and photoshoot. I spent some quality time with Loreto and his show stopping EK and put together an edit. I hope people recognize the art behind my work. I'm not just slapping together a bunch of shots with music and calling it a "film"... hopes for these videos are to be inspirational and entertaining. Essentially I think my videos immortalize people and their vehicles, documenting that specific time and telling a story is much different from a montage... Share, embed, comment, post, or facebook this. Take care of AutoLife and AutoLife can keep highlighting our "scene".

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