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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Evan's got a new look!

Previously he had the teal Grid V's on the car. Personally, there is nothing wrong with Rota's. If that statement causes us to lose one of our 16 fans, so be it. If you lived where some of us have lived you would know how quickly your "project car" can come up missing. Hell, if you daily drive your car and track your "project car" you might also understand the use of Rota's. Also, some of us may not need to prove our dick size by bragging about how much money we spent on wheels. Some of us can just whip out our Johnson and let it do all the talking. Okay, okay... what ever the case, our good friend Evan has some new shoes on his Miata. He's "ride'n around and get'n it", and has no problem let his Johnson hang, HAHA (no homo). Good work dude!

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