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Monday, June 24, 2013

Honda Drag Day: Bangkok Thailand

So, as you all know, the Honda community is international. It's pretty easy to see that style, color choices, wheel fitment, and "themes" share the same general look (they are Hondas), yet they have a very different twist and interpretation of things. While people are complaining about the world economy, and outsourcing, here we are (automotive enthusiasts) doing what we love the most, building, showing and racing cars! Literally living an "AutoLife". Laws against cars and modifications is food out of everybody's mouth. It can't be stopped and CLEARLY it is an international source of enjoyment. You think any of these guys are thinking about how to pay rent the next month, or if they are going to get in trouble for missing work? Hell nah, the sound of a boost and VTEC is in the air.

The first of many Streetmetal x AutoLife blog updates, by the time we really get going with things some of you might be planning a trip to go see if for yourself.


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