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Friday, September 20, 2013

R.I.P. Password:JDM

Here's something I was not expecting to see when I got home. I was chatting with one of the Si Sisters and read "PasswordJDM is closing", and eyes nearly bulged out of my head. As some of you know my day gig is at one of the more well-known performance parts manufactures... Password is/was a competitor of the company I spend my days at. Today's happenings almost feel like a prank. Going public with something like this might not be the smartest thing, so we'll assume it actually is fact. What does this mean to the industry?

To Everyone out there 

Pico Rivera, CA 9/20/2013 
Its been one hell of a run for the last 11 years! We kicked ass, and made automotive history with what we did for JDM. From all of us here at Password:JDM, we are collectively sad to have to say it, but we're shutting it all down! We wanna give thanks to all of our fans, customers, and all the people who believed in us. We're at a point in our life where there are other things we'd like to do, driving every am to Pico Rivera to slang JDM parts is no longer one of them. I am about to become 37 years old now, there are other things i'd like to do as well. Therefore, its time for us to move on... when you can choose to leave, why not leave on top? Anyhow, with our current stock, its going to be a while to clear this out. The faster, the better... thats why we are kicking this one and final clearance sale!

Oh yeah, to all the fellas with the PWJDM tattoos, wear that shit proudly! You are forever part of the Password Family, and like all things JDM, you are exceptionally rare. I will always remember you guys for what you did for us, many thanks, give us a call, and we'll hook you up with more swagg!

To all of our 152,000+ facebook fans... we'll keep the page around for shits and giggles... follow us till kingdom come or until M. Zuckerbergg decides to shut down FB himself! Many thanks to you guys as well.

It has always made me smile when I pulled up to a random car meet somewhere and see a PWJDM part on a car, or a T-shirt on someone's back. A very special thanks to anyone who has spent a nickel or more with us. a nickel was the price of cheapest item we ever sold. i believe it was a used bumper sticker, and in hindsight, i think we charged 4 cents more than we should have.

we'll be around to ship out every last single order.


Mr. PasswordJDM!!!
you know who I am!!!"

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