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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

LOS: AutoLife TV Feature

AutoLife TV has known “Los” (Carlos Garcia) for over a decade. It was as time when Brandon would just roam around with a video camera shooting stuff without any sort of motive or plan. This video has been in the list of “things to do” for many years now. A couple months ago the starts seemed to align, the car was together, Los had some free time, Brandon had some free time and it all just came together.

Los is one of the more soft-spoken enthusiasts in the community, while others are thirsty for validation and attention he’s the guy kicking back in the shade with friends not worrying about his image, or how his color scheme came together. He’s built his cars at his own pace, and never let the ever-changing trends define what he was going to do next. In so many words he has stayed true. We’ve had the pleasure of knowing him for all these years, the joy of capturing his story, and the trust to share it with the world! With that being said, sit back and enjoy out newest piece, "LOS".

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