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Friday, April 4, 2014

A day with Team BackYard Designs Co.

ALTV is a friend of a lot of people, some closer than others. Joe of "Backyard Designz Co." has had our back since the first day we met. If you are ever invited to "The Compound", you'll see that there is pretty much NOTHING but "go fast" related activities going on if the garage door is open. They were in the process of getting a couple cars ready for some events and we got to tag along…

We'll start things off with entering the garage, this was sleeping in there. A few people might have seen this car...

In we go! We all hop into brotha Joe's be Chevy HD truck. I've personally dragged a few cars around with this thing on some of our trek's together, the thing is sick. Next to me sits Mr. Nichols, a former industry good guy, now at a place that actually wants to give him a more comfortable life, and in front our pal Griffin, Joe's driving obviously. We are all heading out to the paint shop to pick up the builds they are working on.

On the way there, we passed a Planned Parenthood with some protesters in-front of the place. Took this pic and they started yelling stuff, they sounded like zombies. As we drove off, Joe yelled some stuff at them and the truck erupted in laughter. Joe's known to yell things out the window while he's whip'n around town. 

When we arrived the gang gathered around Brian's Integra to take a look.

Griffin's Miata NB freshly dipped in a chocolate bronze color. When I stood and looked at it, I just thought about A & W Root beer floats.

We cruised inside the shop and this had just been finished. It's cool to see somebody running with this car, the shell has changes hands so many times this past 2-3 years it's ridiculous. I'm too purist to do a different colored bay, but I can see this working out pretty clean.

Everybody came to take a look. The guys working in the paint shop looked kinda freaked out by the mob of people that rolled in there.

Brian's car loaded up on the trailer, it ended up coming off the trailer and getting some more work done.  There were a few things that weren't to our liking, Joe had a conversation with the shop manager because they didn't do some of the things that were talking about prior to leaving the cars. 

When we arrived back to headquarters this was chillen out front. Willy's car, it's boosted.

Everyone gathered around Griffin's car. I can't remember what we talked about, there was just a lot of beer drinking and grunting of approval. 

"Chocolate drop", and a bunch of Joe's accomplishments on the wall. This really is what Joe lives for.

It was time to head home so I popped off one more shot with my piece, to embody the experience.

It was just another day...

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