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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Illest "Slammed Sunday's" experience

So, AutoLifeTV has been a fan of Illest/Fatlace for a while now. If you follow AutoLifeTV on IG, you might have seen crappy cell phone pics from my visits. "The Company"(day job) probably wouldn't care if I made a blog post about the entire experience on their site, so the "experience" will be home here on the ALTV blog. Plus it was a Sunday, my camera, and not all Honda/Acura related. In the end it is a look at automotive lifestyle… The day began for me around noon after cruising up from S.D., I had a quick Father's Day visit on Saturday… The homie Angel brought me his badass burnt orange colored Civic Hatchback, later Jimmy Gomez of NvUS rolled in with a car load of people followed by an Integra being driven by a young lady (we'll introduce her later), the line-up for the booth looked solid. A couple other cars were supposed to make it, but ran into some issues on the way. It all worked out because I really didn't have anymore space allotted for "The Company" anyway, good looking out though Project-G and Joe of Backyard Designz Co.! 

The event kicked off, and after a much needed snack delivered by a co-worker I finally had enough energy to walk the event. Plus, I kept seeing sick cars going up and the down the street since the lot was full.   

Street view of the Illest Orange County store.

The store was pretty busy all day while the event was taking place.

As I said, sick whips rolling up and down the street ALL DAY!

Cassidy of NvUS brought her S2000 out to the event.

Everybody knows how much ALTV likes vanning, this is one of our favorites. Bagged Previa van… I remember seeing these around town when I was young, packed with little gangsters getting ready to do dirt… I lived near an asian crip gang for a while.

"Do it for the Vine!"

Our buddy Pedro bagged his 8th gen, so damn low!

This thing was literally on the ground, front bumper almost exploded as he came into the drive way, the struggle is REAL! He took the "if sparks don't fly you're too high." saying to another level.

Cassidy's S2000

"The Company" booth.

Angel's bay. This car looks better and better every time I see it. I love the new wheel and tire combination, things got some MEAT on it!

Jimmy's mean looking 8th gen. Civic Si, rocking the Kraftwerks supercharger kit and some custom CCW's.

Miss Deiree's Integra packed with Skunk2 parts.

No words needed for the next few vehicles...

Inside the store there was a super clean Y49 CRX Si, it looked like it had been in a time capsule from 1995, dreamy.

The Illest staff had their summer collection out for everyone to check out.

After the event we all rolled to get some food. We finished the day eating at "Boiling Crab". ALTV spent a few minutes with Team NvUS and shot a quick little piece for their meet that is coming up. It was fun getting some time to chill with them. Jimmy has done a really good job with the team.

We'll finish off the "experience" with a shot of Miss Desiree of NvUS and her minty fresh Integra. This probably won't be the last time you see her on ALTV,  so we won't share too many details about her yet, we'll just introduce her and her whip this time. It's not hard to tell, cool car, cool shoes, cool tats, great personality… we'll let you guys provide the other complements…

A dope day, period.

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