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Sunday, April 10, 2016

A good experience at Lyon's Muffler, San Marcos CA.

I'll address the reason for the blog being so slowing down to a screeching halt in a later post.

Some of you may know the 89 Civic Wagon RT4wd was involved in an accident a while ago when it was parked in front of Backyard Joe's house. The night this car got hit, our secret 96 Civic Coupe was also totaled at the same time, more on that in a follow-up post as well, maybe. Whatever the case, I've been slowly taking steps to get the thing back into good condition.

As most of you should know, when you bring the car closer to the ground (lowering), you run the risk of the things on the bottom of the car coming in contact with the pavement more often. The wagon get's driven daily and although it is low, it gets driven pretty hard. This style of behavior eventually caused an exhaust leak in the system. Tired of hearing the wife point out all the extra sounds coming from under the vehicle, it became time to get it taken care of. I've been passing this Lyon's Muffler for years, always reminding myself that I wanted to check them out one of these days. For this repair there would be no better opportunity to make a visit.

Service was great! They listened to what I wanted to do, gave me a quote on the work and we were on the rack as soon as the previous customers vehicle was done. We evaluated the damage and came up with a plan.

The wagon has a stock SOHC motor, so the small pea shooter exhaust to keep it efficient and quiet was the plan. I know you guys wanted to see a 3inch system and my parts list for boosting it, but not this time...

Most places will just hack all your flanges and leave you with a system you can't remove on your own. I learned that lesson about fifteen years ago at a different place… Lyon's had no problem taking care of it the right way.

All done and ready to rock, took about an hour to get it all buttoned up. This purring now!

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