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Saturday, April 30, 2011

NationRIDE with Stunna Ben of Greasyblocks

Ben Howard aka "Stunna Ben" has been an extremely passionate enthusiast for many years and has been around to experience many trends and enthusiasts come and go. I met Ben the for the first time about seven years ago when he came to Cali for an Eibach meet. Prior to us meeting we had been communicating online for who knows how long, possibly because there has never been many enthusiasts that look like us, lol, yeah I said it... BLACK PEOPLE. Don't get me wrong, our friendship is not simply based on race.

Anyway, Ben has got his car back in one piece and is FINALLY putting one of his dreams into action. It's called the "NationRIDE". Basically Ben has completed his project car and is driving it from his hometown in the Carolinas all the way across the country to California for the Annual Eibach meet. Ben has wanted to do this for years, it's great to see him finally able to attempt it. Give him your support and stay updated by checking out his blog for constant updates at He has already run into some issues with the car and that has not stopped him, don't miss any my buddy Stunna Ben's trek!

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