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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Throwback: Jeremy Gilman's old EK

It had to have been 2002 or 2003 when I met Jeremy for the first time. I actually met him through a guy named Devon, who at one point smashed around the neighborhood with a kid in a Del Sol. One of the dudes would wear a helmet while he "banged" corners in residential areas. I honestly think I only met Jeremy because I was trying to find the kid that wore the helmet, because I wanted to race him to show him he was slow, then kick is ass for speeding in the neighborhood and wearing a damn helmet on the street. My first memory of Gilman is him driving the car pictured above to Belmont Park, which was a meet up spot for car folk. That night this other kid rolled up in this busted primer gray hatchback, Gilman being the stand up guy he is quickly informed me of the dudes ability to make peoples stuff disappear and told me not to tell him too much about my EF. I listened and Gilman has been a pal the time Gilman was a pretty skinny guy and for reason seemed a LOT younger than me. Now he's a beast of a human being, lol. The story of his red EK is something I'll have to tell another time...I miss the old days.

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