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Friday, January 25, 2013

Falken Ad: Conquer Your World

Remember those pics from the Falken shoot that were posted a while back? What about the "Tuned Hondas" video from the folks at Falken? Well a pic of the ad has been released and we weren't lying, the AutoLife TV rt4WD Civic Wagon is in there! We're okay with admitting it was probably more of a "filler" vehicle and it being included wasn't political, just luck. One thing that seemed a bit odd was the was a very serious afternoon. Bringing the wagon (aka The Shitbox) seemed to offend some people when it rolled up on Rotas, a non show quality paint job, and "not so rare" red bucket seats (thanks Gil, they finally got installed... 5 years later). Heck, maybe it wasn't the car...maybe certain people just have beef with me/us but don't know how to talk about it, who knows. Whatever the case, the wagon was included in the shot by the awesome folks over at Falken who work harder than most think. So, HUGE thanks to them, this lucky opportunity will NEVER be forgotten!

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