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Monday, January 14, 2013

SOC 1st Year Anniversary: The Motherfucken’ OC Car Mixer

We cruised out to Garden Grove to meet up with our buddy Evan. When we were pulling into the lot there were a few cars rolling out already, I thought it was the rain scaring people off, come to find out the local law enforcement had come to do some parking lot enforcement. As we came in we saw Tommy and his family is his crazy "flipped head" H22-powered Odyssey van. Twenty feet being Tommy, we spotted Preston (P World) from Function Form AutoLife and Omar of Style Over Comfort... enough blabbing, here are some pics. :cough: maybe one of these days AutoLife and Style Over Comfort will get together on a video :cough:

The drizzle started up again so Evan and his Gaby along with me and my Gaby dipped out to have some beers and wings at Buffalo Wild Wings... anytime the day ends with Chicken and beer it's been a good day in my book.

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