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Thursday, July 11, 2013

ALTV Apparel Shoot

We got together with photographer Ron Alan Cruz and model Briana Olguin for a little photoshoot since we got female tank-tops done for the ladies. Figured since it was summer the ladies would want an option to actually look like a girl  while being an enthusiast's rather than having to wear a men's shirt. Plus, these tanks give the guys a chance to see some skin. There are limited quantities so make it easy on us and just cop one stuff.

Oh what happened during the shoot you ask? Well, Ron Alan handled the photography, Briana did what she does, being cute. To sweet'n the deal we had Joe "Backyard" Schnieder bring out his Civic Coupe just to make sure everybody the shoot was ALTV affiliated. Ron killed it while Joe and I stood around drinking a 40oz of Old English as I captured a little video and magically these awesome shot's and a behind the scenes video happened... I gotta say, the end result made me really appreciate the people that I've had the blessing of working with.


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