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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hello Mr. Walker.

Some of you might recognize this vehicle from D-Sport Magazine, that's is because it is. They've been documenting the build for a fair amount of time now as Mr. Walker experienced a few set backs with during build. The car is up and running and I made it pretty clear I wanted a ride the last time we kicked it. Randomly my phone rang after work, it was Jeren and he happened to be on the his way over to the crib. I could hear him pulling up so I went outside with the camera to get a shot of it. Jeren pulls up "B, come go to the gas station with me real quick!" I hopped in without question, knowing I was about to experience some butt puckering boost! We cruised to the gas station nice and mellow, so we didn't "blow up the spot". As he pulled into the gas station the heads just started turning! Older women, some teenagers and a dude with a brand new FRS all instantly reacted, nearly breaking their necks, "sick car bro", the teenagers yelled. The dude with the FRS had a million and one questions too. I proceeded to get out the car like I didn't see anything and popped off a few shots. Here you go...

After a the tank was filled up, we headed out. All I can say is "DAYYYUUUUMMMMM!" The thing freak'n moves! We'll work on getting some video the next time we see Mr. Walker.

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