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Sunday, October 5, 2014

86Fest 2014 Part 1

Had the chance to attend 86Fest this year. Upon arrival in the 89 Civic rt4wd Wagovan, I told the staff, "I'm here for the Eibach Meet!" He looked at me a bit concerned, I held a straight face for about 2-3 seconds then followed with, "Isn't it today, this is where is it right, I drove 2 hours to get here!" At this point I could tell he realized he might have to burst my bubble, but didn't know how exactly. I broke character and started laughing, as did he. At which point I new it was going to be a fun gathering.

There were TONS of FRS/BRZ's at 86Fest, so many it even made me contemplate getting one for the wife to roll around in. Personally the older vehicles was what I was looking forward to, but at the end of the day if it's sitting right, on wheels that improve it's appearance, with some additional power, I'll probably be into it. Here is Part 1.

 I was completely consumed by this Starley, hence why I popped off so many shots of it.

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