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Sunday, March 8, 2015

VTEC CLUB at Big Willow (Round 2)

It was a cold Sunday morning, we woke up around 4:30am to meet up with a friend what was also heading to Big Willow.
We starting the morning off in the dark heading up North on the 15 freeway. The plan was to meet up with other drivers and caravan together. When we arrived one of the drivers was having problems with his hatch. It wouldn't start so I gave him a jump start after borrowing a buddies jumper cables. Got it started and we were on our way. Shortly after I see the hatchbacks lights dimming little by little. He ended up having to pull over again. I kept driving but ended up turning back, I knew I was the only one that could give him a jump. He headed back to the gas station while, Aaron, Melvin and I got back on the road. We later found out it was his alternator… On the way I took a few rolling shots of they're cars. We arrived at the Chevron station fueled up and then met up with the black Integra from "Track Mafia".
It was a good day taking photos at Big Willow. Rain was on the horizon and it came sooner than we expected. Big thanks to Ryan Fellure for showing me the good spots to shoot at Big Willow. Although it was freezing cold with the slight breeze and rain overall it was a good day. I did my best to get coverage when the rain came down.
Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed seeing "Vtec Club" action in the rain. It looked like it was a challenging getting around the wet track.
Till next time, peace out. ✌
FYI: Not all shots are perfect there are a few blurry ones, sorry in advance.
Melvin Rodriguez

Aaron's FA5

D B 8

Track Mafia Integra

My favorite setup

KraftWerks Supercharged S2000

A P 1

A P 2

Duanes EF Hatch

Me , Pepe , Aaron & Melvin

Love seeing Toms Hatch
inside Toms EF

J Swap Hatch

More TE37's

I miss mine

one of my favorite sedans, inspires me to build my wifes car to a track sedan. . we will see

weight reduction

I like how this S2000 smiled when I took the shot lol

Track Monsters

Later on day this EF hatch's rear camber arm broke. sucks what happened to it. glad the driver was injured

Brian Burroughs

Pepe Delgadillo Rocking our sticker on his Helmet ^_^

that pony has no chance

getting ready

Cinderella's are ready 

Matt Eugenio

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