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Thursday, August 5, 2010

After NY, we did some camping at Kern River

So after the gnarly trip to the East Coast with Dave, and Dr. Charles I took some time to go hang with some friends and relax, the "old lady" had been stuck in the crib due to a pinata accident slitting her lip in half, literally (I promised not to post those pics). I also needed to starve myself after Dave made me eat until I almost puked and soiled my pants at the same time.

Getting to the actual camp spot took 40 minutes of off-road action in the CR-V...

Hiking down to the river, for out "lazy" float back to camp. If you have ever swam in a river like the Kern you already know the current is strong.
A quick picture before near death experiences... the "old lady" was smart and stayed at camp.
FYI, black people do swim. Technically I'm native american (choctaw indian), but I still count. I should have never tried to so the swim in those shoes though...
The homies got together to take a pic while the girls talked about how much we smelled and snored all night.

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