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Monday, August 30, 2010

Import DPS always making progress

Today I got word from my boy Rick Amaro over at Import DPS that one of their cars broke a record over the weekend. In Part 3 of the of the Skunk2 East Coast trip there was a shot of Dr. Charles and Dave looking at the motor from this little beast as it laid on the ground... well, clearly it's alive and kicking, and running SUPER hard. The thing laid down a 7.05 and a 7.06 with 102 degree track temps, the guys are expecting 6 second passes out of it VERY soon. If you are wondering, it's owned by Jorge Juarbe (Owner, driver and tuner). Keep doing what you're doing guys!

Video of one of the passes:

Be sure to check out Import DPS, they are doing things out in Philly:

For the record, yes the pics are stolen, HAHA! When the budget permits we will have our own photo and video...till then, these will have to do.

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