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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Few pics from my visit to the East Coast a couple weeks ago.

I was lucky enough to visit the East Coast for work a few weeks ago. Video will be up soon, but here are some pics for the time being. If I was to post everything I did or saw and all the shops we went to it would take FOREVER... remember this is just a taste, and vids will be out soon.

Aki, Julian or NyCE 1's, and I at HiBoost in Jersey City, these cats keep it real HOOD! Shop had some CRAZY cars. I don't think Aki turns down a race, EVER!
Shot some of the whips and the shop
Me and Dr. Charles doing what we do... not too sure what that is. Enny got the shot, thanks PIMP!!!
Me, blabbing about how the Westside does it...
Caught a NyCE 1's race on the TV, they had a DVD spinning, I think drag racing was the only type of TV any of these dudes watched. No "Jersey Shore", not "Weeds", JUST DRAG RACING!
Got a chance to go to ATCO raceway for the Pan-Am drag races. Puerto Rico vs. US. If you have never been to ATCO, it CRACKS OFF! And, now I officially know where all the Toyota Starlets went, LOL!
Think about this car before you junk the trashed one on your front yard.
My mom, had one of these... not NEARLY as cool or powerful, hers just backfired a lot.
This thing ran hard and was super clean.
Yet another super clean old school racer
I also got a chance to go the New Jersey Motorpark, place was SICK! We were there to see the Compass 360R boys lay down the law in the championship series. I can't believe people don't keep up with these guys or the series.
Be sure to peep the Compass 360R video a few entries down...

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