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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another one lost

For years I have been going to a local shop in San Diego named Group5 Motorsport. Two guys have tried to keep my builds on track since I was in high school. Troy and Albert would always greet and treat me as if I was spending thousands of dollars at the shop even when I was only there to pick up something small. A few years later my customer based relationship changed growing into a business to business relationship. At that time I'd get calls from Albert requesting wheels, I'd then personally deliver them to the shop and spend a few moments chatting with Albert and Troy about car crap. Albert had a say in my "AutoLife" for over 10 years always steering me away from cheap bootleg parts (I still found a way to not listen
I was recently watching television after work and saw a story about a fatal hit and run. At the time they did not say the victims name, but just by the pic I knew it was Albert. Unfortunately I could only catch the last 10 seconds of the story. I searched the web briefly but couldn't find any info. A few days later more of the story was revealed and it turned out to really be Albert that was the victim. This whole situation is truly a bummer, my prayers to out to Albert's family and all the people that were lucky enough to know him.

The vehicle that hit him... I can't believe she kept driving. Just looking at this image makes me feel sick to my stomach.

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