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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

AutoFashion VIP Meet 2010

It was a really nice Sunday, so I decided not to be a flake and rolled to the AutoFasion VIP Festival. I washed the "shit box" just so I didn't look like a complete lame rolling up in my 20 year old Wagovan, which doesn't really matter being that I was going to a FREAK'N VIP gathering. I didn't shoot any video, because I just wanted to hang out, plus I expected 358403 other cat's to be lurking around "covering" the event...

Last year most of the activity was in the AutoFashion parking lot, this year it was MASSIVE, kinda made me wonder if the last years AutoLife TV video coverage helped at

This Previa van was ILL!

When I rolled up I was behind the old school Skyline, this was a clue that I was about to have my self esteem shart'ed on... thing is DOPE! I actually got some shots of it at the 5&aDime Motor Union

... take a wild guess at to who this belongs to.

Ruckus scooters were on the scene. I still want one, lol

Freddie of AutoFasion USA


This is the interior of an Odyssey van...

I wasn't kidding... I've actually been trying to follow this build, awesome people mover!

"Everything did"

Enrique always has a fresh line-up

Alex brought out the family.

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