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Friday, November 5, 2010

SEMA 2010 Day Trip

Day Trip to SEMA with Skunk2 from Brandon Mc. (aka Lost IS BLaCK) on Vimeo.

I have a feeling a lot of people think we might be a little nuts, especially after we rolled to SEMA for just one day. I left San Diego around 4:45 in the morning to meet up with the rest of the fellas. 4 hours of car conversation or snoring coming from the back seat. Many may not take pride in "hitting it and quitting it" but that is exactly what we did to SEMA... my Vans Chukkas put a hurting on my feet, LOL! It was good meeting a lot of new people, along with a bunch of folks I have heard of but never had the pleasure of meeting, one of my favorites being Nalani Whatley, the other bunch coming from the S3 Magazine camp. I felt no need to post "coverage photos" as everybody and their mom claimed to be "media". I rolled in ready to "run and gun" and got NO RESPECT from some of the personnel running company booths. I tried to get a shot of some of Weld's new drag wheels and one of the guys running the booth looked at me like I was worth less than the dirt on the bottom of his "Payless" shoes... then didn't want to move so I could get a shot of the wheels hanging on the wall... maybe it's because I didn't have a 5d or a 7d in my hand, or a slider rig with three additional people to run it, at events like SEMA you really shouldn't disrespect anyone, but it really seemed to have an "I'm better than you vibe" at times, unless I was standing shoulder to shoulder with people I knew, then it was all HOOD, LOL!

Tony, Iphone'ing
The Honda Display
We all loved this CR-Z
Every time I see the offset racing stripe I'm reminded of 1995 trends...
Joe- S3 Magazine, good meeting you!
Nalani and Tony... "Negggeeeeeeeeee"
Aaron and Gregg. Aaron giving ninja techniques
Gearheads UNITE!!!!

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