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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kern River

Some of you may have heard your common fool make comments about what black people do and don't do. Shit like "black people can't swim", "they all like watermelon" or "they don't go camping". Well for the record, we do swim, we don't all like watermelon, and we do camp. And it's not some lame camping with bathrooms and a Park Ranger that comes by at 10pm to tell you to turn your music off, it's REAL camping.

Here is the trusty CRV loaded up. No, we don't have the roof basket for extra JDM points, we actually use it to carry stuff. Believe it or not the CRV is one hell of a vehicle. It carried three full-size men, a petite young lady, packed coolers, and a completely packed rear hatch area. After dragging us up near Bakersfield, it then took five miles of treacherous off-road driving like a champ! We are proud of this little vehicle. People are always blown away that is makes it out to the camp spot.

A crooked shot of the river... the camera operator must have been a little "tipsy"...

The fellas and I got down on some two hand touch football. It was serious business, my team won...of course. We all woke up the next morning walking around like we had been ran over by a tank. "Dude, are you sore? What did we do yesterday?!" The pain didn't kick in for me until the second day. It was good times for sure.

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  1. cr-v handling biz!
    puttin in more work then some of the homies trucks LOL