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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ramon Briones in S3

Some people may remember this car from the Eibach Meet a few months ago. It belongs to Ramon Briones. He brought the car out from the wild streets of El Paso, TX. Taking a break from the cartel "taking care of business", he and his crew hit the road to chill in Cali for a few days. During his visit I was lucky enough to meet him. While my buddy Joe's wild yellow EK with the ever so hated graffiti engine bay was being shot by S3 Magazine, Ramon, his crew, and I spent a little time chatting and getting to know each other. Don Napier from Import Alliance was also at the meeting of the minds. I must say the events that took place after the Eibach Meet really made me remember what I liked about the industry. The sun got a bit too low to shoot Ramon's car, so I offered up a location to shoot the car the next day...Skunk2's "backyard". The next day the S3 fellas, Don, Ramon and his bunch showed up bright and early. It was awesome, stuff was just HAPPENING and it was ALL good! Magazine shoots, video shoots, new name it, it was talked about.
A moving shot of Ramon's car capture from Don's rental. The car looked right at home on the California roads. With +380hp most people would have trouble keeping up with it.

People always preach about supporting print, so SUPPORT PRINT and go get yourself a copy of S3! They do whatever the hell they wanna do, and talk about whatever they want to talk about. Congratulations Ramon!

I had the video camera on deck, documenting the moment. No slider or DSLR... I used a video camera, which is pretty much unheard of. My arm was getting tired in this position, but I considered it my workout for the day. I think the wind is blowing up my shirt because I look fat in this shot for some reason.
Keep an eye out for the a new Street Team Elite video featuring Ramon and his CRX. Yes I just plugged the video, it's my f'ing blog plus nobody is going to do it for me, so if you're mad, go ahead and be mad, shit I'll probably post it all over too, "YOU MAD?" HA!

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