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Thursday, September 8, 2011

August was a good month for Mike G.

I've "dealt" with this Mike G. character for many years. I remember stepping on his Nike Airmax's and spilling hot sauce on the homie Santos at a "JDM John" (RIP John Tanji) meet years ago, LOL. Mike G. has always been a very fun person to be around, and his laugh is one you can' forget. Mike G. has taken "TANK" through a number of phases, from NA, to turbo, and back to NA. Although many may claim they "know" him, few were actually at his sons baby shower, I know because I was there... I'd say we are more than "car homies"... we are friends.

Everyone knows of TANK going into hibernation for over 5 years, but never giving up my "buddy" forged ahead and brought TANK back to life like a true CACK! This last month proved that his struggle was worth it as he placed at both Nisei Week Showoff and the Motion Auto Show. Stolen pics below.

With that being said, I'd like to give a big congratulations to the CACKSTER, Mike G. I'd also like to welcome him to Facebook, HAHA, glad you finally got with the times doggie! I'm glad I was able to see it all come together every step of the way, sharing those top secret pics all the time really made a brotha feel special and always sharing stories about the "good old days" is what keeps me motivated to keep chipping away at my own car. I'll keep our long conversations on aim on the DL... and won't tell anybody about that one time... HAHA! Aye, tell Kenji to keep the poo-poo in the potty, because Uncle B says so! Fingaz.

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  1. Doggie!!! Thank you so much! Man this seriously means alot to me and I really appreciate our awesome friendship we have had for all these years! Its always a pleasure keeping you in the loop w/ TANK's build cause you always show me so much excitement which always motivated me to continue on w/ this build! I'm looking forward to the day that you get RED back on the road as well so we can go mash around on the streets! :)
    Thank you again doggie! Much Love! *hug*