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Saturday, September 3, 2011

We all know Morgan Jade, or at least know of her. Honestly, she is probably one of the most laid back people to hang with. Morgan is a true car enthusiast and although some have had negative things to say about her she never seems to be hurt by it, she always seems to continues on her path. A while ago, she was involved in a car accident in her S2000, which basically put a stop to her "spirited" driving. She still campaigns her RHD at the track, often piloted by Oscar Jackson Jr. There have been whispers of her going back to her roots, getting back into drag racing. Recently Sport Car Motion unveiled a red Civic Hatch, turns out this is the car that will be hitting the drag strip, possibly with Morgan behind the wheel. Could she be the next Lisa Kubo? Does anybody even know who Lisa Kubo is? Stay tuned...

Say hi to her at the track, but don't be a creep and ask her to marry her, or tell her you love her... lol. You can follow her on facebook though.... go here

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